Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Potter's Hands

Perhaps some of those who seem to have more than their share of suffering and disappointment are, like costly china, being doubly tried in the fire, that they may be more valuable in the Master's service.
The potter never sees his clay take on rich shades of silver or red, or cream, or brown, or yellow, until after the darkness of the burning of the furnace. These colors come -- after the burning and darkness.  The clay is beautiful -- after the burning and darkness.
How universal is this law of life! Where did the bravest man and the purest woman you know get their whitened characters? Did they not get them as the clay gets its beauty -- after the darkness and the burning of the furnace?
Where did Savonarola get his eloquence?
It came from God, and so is Christ true, and Christ is thy God, who is in heaven and awaits thee.
Girolamo Savonarola
Where did Stradavari get his violins?
Where did Titian get his color?
Where did Michelangelo his marble?
Where did Mozart get his music?
Chatterton his poetry?
Jeremiah his sermons?

They got them where the clay gets its glory and its shimmer -- in the darkness and the burning of the furnace.
                          - Mrs. Charles Cowman in Springs in the Valley

This passage is so uplifting, so inspring. It makes me wonder what can be said of each of us...what gifts has God bestowed upon you through trials of fire to display His glory?
Where did Ruth get her writing and insight?
Where did Claudia get her artist's touch?
Where did Maura get her passion?
Where did Paige get her dramatics?
Where do Joseph's words and abstract thoughts come from?
Where did Gina get her sweet spirit of joy?
Where did Mary get her practical wisdom?
Where did Russ get his devotion?
Where did Lindsey get her steadfastness?
Where did Peter get his inquisitiveness and love of knowledge?
Where did David get his patience and understanding?
Where did Shannon get her leadership and courage?
All these things, all of them came from the creator of the universe, the creator of us all, from the potter's hand. And each of us in our own uniqueness are able to display His glory and splendor in such different ways. I pray that we can all see ourselves as the potter sees us -- His beautiful, wonderful creations. We are treasured. We are loved. We were made to be exactly as He wanted. Let us not throw that aside, let us not forget the simple truth that we are His.

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