Friday, March 11, 2011

Jesus is Victor!

Jesus is victor! In all things.
He knows my name, I am precious to Him.
When in sickness and sorrow, 
in anxiety and suffering,
where there are special trials,
even when we are asked to walk through the valley of shadow...
GOD is with us!
The shepherd is able to protect the sheep
in times of danger.
The shadows are as much a part of God's path for us
as the green pastures
and often it is in the valley where 
the making of a man or woman of God occurs.
During these times,
He will provide a way of escape
He will provide healing counsel
so that we may also do these things for others.
You see, we as believers
should be able to live carefree before God
knowing that He is most careful with the things He loves.
To lean on Jesus in the darkest hour
is light and joy and peace.
We must remember
there is more than one way 
for God to be vicorious!

*a compilation of many writings from Corrie Ten Boom, Catherine Martin, F.B. Meyer, The Message, Henry Law, and Me 

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